Being Used By Him

Hi Rob,
I’m going nuts and need some good advice quick. Met a wonderful guy on holiday we get on fantastically after spending a month together we communicated on the phone for another two after I got back home until I told him I couldn’t accept the terms & conditions… he’s seeing someone and has been for a year, by the time I found out was in far too deep… anyway, like I said told him I couldn’t carry on communicating with him so we stopped for about a week then he started calling me again till I had another dose of bitter reality. He’s still seeing her. He has basically told me that he is falling for me fast, although I didn’t tell him so (and I kinda regret this now) I feel the same way.

I know I love him and I don’t want to appear flaky. Do you think I should devise someway of holding his attention in case him & her break up or should I just forget him all together?

Hi Silly-billy,
He’s using you, plain and simple.

If he decides to dump the other girl and go with you only, he’ll cheat on you just as he cheated on her with you.

Do you really want that type of a guy as the most important person in your life?
No, you don’t.

I’d even go so far as to threaten to tell his current girl about the two of you. That will force him to show his true colors.

He’s just using you.
Get rid of him.
Best wishes,

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