Broken Up And Kicked To The Curb

Hi Rob,
I am having a little trouble here, and I desperately need advice, alright, here it goes.

I am in love with my best friend’s boyfriend, me and him have dated before and I can’t control this jealousy. I want him back so badly but I don’t know if I should go there. He likes me and I like him, but is booting my best friend outta the picture and putting me into her place in my attempt to light an old flame a good idea, if so how do I do it?
Desperately in love

Hi Desperately,
You’ve been kicked to the curb once and now you want to give him the chance to do it again?

Don’t go there.
Don’t be jealous, be unforgiving.

And find someone else to date, if you have to date.
Maybe you should be single for a while…..
Best wishes,

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