Dealing With Your First Breakup: A Breakup At 15

Dear Rob,
My boyfriend just broke up with me.

The reason he broke up with me is because he felt that we weren’t meant for each other, and because he doesn’t love me anymore like the way he did before.

He said that he cried because he didn’t want to hurt me. I asked some of his friends if he really cried they said he did.

Then I asked one of his closest friends why he broke up with me, his friend said that I was cold towards him and that I wasn’t sweet to him.

When I knew this it hurt me a lot because I wasn’t like that to him at least I thought I wasn’t and one of the reason why I wasn’t that sweet was because he was my first boyfriend so I didn’t really know what to do and I’m also an only child so I didn’t have much of sweetness and I only look cold because I’m a very quiet girl.

Anyway, his friend told him what I knew then he told me that I shouldn’t believe in it, but I don’t know ’cause I think its true.
Until now I’m still confused on why this happened because we were so happy together, we never fought.

Everyone could see that we were both happy it was even a big shock to everyone when we broke up.

Some said to me that he might wanted to break up because I was leaving (I’m leaving the country in 1 month for good).

The weird thing is while he was telling me he wanted to break up with me I wanted to cry but I just stopped myself from crying, after awhile I couldn’t cry anymore I just forced myself to cry.

Then the next day that was when I really cried and I didn’t force myself this time.

The thing that hurt the most was that it was as if he didn’t return my love for him the passing days.

What should I do?

Am I really a cold person?

Was it right for me to just let him go?

Was it right for him to say that to me?

P.S.: I’m still just turned 15 yrs old and he’s about to turn 15 yrs old as well. I’m older that him in just a few months. My parents doesn’t also know that I had a boyfriend because they don’t allow me to have a boyfriend yet, but his parents know that we were together, he’s already allowed to have a girlfriend.
And another thing we just became together for 1 month and a couple of days. But I liked him even when we were still in preschool.

Then I changed school when I was elementary, then he went to my school when I was in the 6th grade (we became classmates again). Then we were in separate classes when we were in 1st year, before the school year ended he told me that he liked me. Then in our 2nd year we became classmates again and that was the time we got to know each other well and this year was also when he admitted to me that he liked when we were still in 6th grade. We became together after the school ended.
Thanks, Sally

Hi Sally,
Men are strange and 15 year old boys are stranger still.

Having a girlfriend is more an accomplishment that it is to keep a girlfriend at that age.

I am sorry he chose to break up with you, you seem nice.

But don’t worry, now you are older and better prepared for the future men in your life you will meet.

Tell this young man that he has missed his chance for happiness and that he’ll always remember you as the one he let get away.

And hold your head high, you did nothing wrong…. there is no such things as “cold” at 15, shy yes… easily intimidated, yes… but strong inside… please let him go, you deserve much better.
Best wishes,

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