How Do I Get Her To Go Out With Me?

Dear Rob,
I am 18 years old and have recently moved house with my parents (about 11 weeks).

I have been hanging around with my cousin and making new friends through him and the circle kept growing until I met a girl of the same age who I have a crush on and now I see quite regularly as she is also close friends with my cousin.

We text and chat a lot but it always seems too ‘friendly’. But occasionally she will text me if we haven’t seen each other in a while just saying “Haven’t heard from you in ages lovely……..hope your ok…….haven’t seen you in like years” but when we talk it never seems a serious conversation. it will always end up joking about really random stuff and text laughing (hahahahaha).

We have a lot in common and laugh about the same things and I am always showing her that I care for her but I feel like she either hasn’t noticed or she has and is hiding it – I’m finding it really hard to work her out and I don’t want to leave it too long before I tell her I like her because I know that there are other guys interested in her too.

Please can you help me? I’m in a pickle?
Much appreciated Bob

Hi Bob,

She’s patiently waiting for you to make the first move. Really.
It takes a girl about three nanoseconds to decide if you’re worth the effort… clearly you are and she’s giving you all kinds of chances to ask her… so make the effort!

Stop playing the “let’s be friends” game while she is clearly interested in more otherwise her attentions will be turned to another guy because you haven’t “made a move”.

So, the next time you see her you say to her:
“Hey, let’s go out, just the two of us. You can take me on a date where ever you like. But I’m not a cheap date so make it a nice place!”

And stop constantly being available to her. You’ll become too much of a friend and not enough boyfriend material. No more instant replies, no more being always available… until you get that first date.

Don’t turn all wussy on her (or me). Be The Man that she wants to date. Add some cockiness and some mystery to your behavior and you’ll be fine. You’ll get the girl!
Best Wishes,

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