How Long Can A Long Distance Relationship Last?

Dear Rob,
I have a problem and my question is this:

Can a long-distance relationship last for 7 years? What is the absolute maximum number of years that a long-distance relationship can last for??


Can you possibly offer me any advice by email??

Hi Laura,
There is no limit to how long a long distance relationship can last.

But there are questions that need to be answered for your relationship to continue in a healthy way:
1. Why so long before marriage, or at least being together permanently?
2. Do you keep promising each other that you’ll be together soon? Does this lie work for the both of you?
3. Are you sure this is a relationship with a marriage goal in it’s future?
4. Have you spent every possible moment together, vacation time, holidays, etc., whenever financially possible?
5. Do you both travel to meet the other, taking turns, or does one person do all of the traveling?
6. Are there other reasons why you don’t date someone closer to you? Are you afraid of breaking out of this ‘relationship comfort zone’ even if it means you’ll never get married or really be with someone full time?
7. Is the passing of time the only obstacle for this relationship continuing or have you changed as a person from when you both first met? Have you matured and now you want more?
8. If you were to suddenly say to your long distance partner that you’re quitting your job and moving in with them would they be supportive of this change? Would they accept you on a moment’s notice?

The answers to these questions, even to only a couple of them, will reveal your true feelings on your partner and your long distance relationship and the direction you need to go to in order to continue the relationship or move on into another direction with your life.
Best wishes,

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