I Like Two Guys, Who Do I Choose?

Dear Rob,
There are two best friends that I really like and two days ago, thought they liked me.

Guy #1
My best friend has feelings for him and confessed these to me. I liked him at the time and still do but did not say anything to her. We hung out in a group, the two guys and some others. I was asked to make out with him in “Truth & Dare” but I didnt because of my friend (who was not there). I saw him get hurt inside through his eyes. Then, at the end of the night I was dared to lick his cheek. I told him Id do it, and he said “go ahead”, so i did. It is not at all known if he feels attracted to me. But in school today, he completly ignored me and only said “hi” when I saw him. He is in a grade higher than me and we do not have the same group of friends.

Guy #2
He went out with one of my friends. We have not done anything but he bit me and called it a “love bite” and I did the same back, he also pretended to sleep on my shoulder and gave me continuous hugs. In truth and dare, he did not mind doing anything, nor did Guy 1. In school today, he did give me a high five/ hug.

I am really confused on what to do and why they are behaving this way. What should I do? DO they like me?

Thank you for your help,

Hi Paula,
I think that you are playing sex games that should end immediately.

Inside you’re confused but deep down you know that this is the wrong way to get a boyfriend, by being promiscuous.

Wait a while longer before starting on the road to being sexually active.

Honestly, I don’t think either of these guy’s likes you as much as you need to be liked.

Stay single for a while longer, there’s a better guy coming your way.
Best wishes,

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