I Want To Date A Friend That’s Dating Someone Else

Dear Rob,
I have this friend and her name is “Girl”.
She is like my best friend but I’ve been wanting to go out with her ever since I met her but she already has a boyfriend named “Jeff” and I can see she is not really happy with him.

And if I ask her out and she says no what will that do to our friendship.
Should I ask her out or not? And if I do, then how?
Wanting to be more than just friends

Hi Wanting,
No, you do not ask her out since she’s already dating. I’d suggest getting yourself an available girl to date. Look around and stop being so focused on one girl.

Maybe, just maybe, if she sees you dating someone else, or she does break up with her current boyfriend, you can step in and ask her out.
But with her dating someone else, and you supplying the emotional support and friendship she can’t get from him, she’s got an easy life.

Always, if you want to date a friend that’s already dating someone else, you have to step back and give her the chance to miss you.
Stop being her support that she isn’t getting from her current boyfriend and if there is anything real between both of you she’ll see it and break up with the guy she’s dating currently.
Once she realizes that you’re not as available as you were, and she asks you why, you can tell her honestly that you want to be more then friends and it’s not right for you to be involved as a friend, and wanting more, while she’s dating someone else.

She will appreciate your honesty and she just might dump that other guy. But it won’t happen while you’re hanging around, that’s for sure. And to make a move while she is involved with someone is just pathetic.
Best wishes,

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