Is She Playing Games With Me?

Dear Rob,
There is this girl in my class that recently, for the last three weeks, we have been spending a lot of time together which we never did before.

After a week or so we started talking on the phone till 1am in the morning.

We’ve made out three or four times and we always have a kiss after school before we go our separate ways.

Well the other day she out of nowhere tells me she doesn’t want to get serious or be boyfriend and girlfriend right now, which I understand. The last two guys she went out with cheated on her.

But she also said she wants to stay where we are now, so basically fooling around and stuff, but she also said we can’t hook up with other people.

So my question is: what should I do?

I would like to date her. Is she just playing hard to get or what?

I don’t want to get let down again. I also think she is a little afraid because I’ll be going to college next year and she will be a senior in high school. I’m the type of person that just puts all his emotions out there to be toyed with.

Not the best I know but its the way I am. So if you could give me some advice on this I would really appreciate it.

Hi J,
She’s not playing hard to get, her interest in you other than a “boy-toy” just isn’t there.

I’d leave her alone for a couple of weeks, be too busy to meet with her. That will help her to sort out her true feelings and either decide to date you officially, or just move on.

Don’t let her play these games of being “exclusive” while at the same time officially “not dating”. You need to be either single or dating, not some warped combination of the two.

And stop whining like a little baby. No girl wants to be with a wussy and I bet you’ve had plenty of conversations about how much you love her, want to be with her, blah blah blah. Get over it. That’s probably half the reason why she’s killing time with you while waiting for some other guy to come along and replace you.
Best wishes,

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