Life Lessons: You Call Yourself a Man?

Dear Rob,
i just wanna get some advice from you, rob.

i have this friend at work i dont know if she likes me my girlfriend also where where i work at and before myfriend at work that i like tryed to play arround with my girlfriend my friend said to my girlfriend ” what if i take him away from you?” and my girlfriend told her shes gonna kill her. but my friend said shes only playing arround with her but i was wondering why would she joke like that u know? does that mean something? this happend 2 months ago

i dont know if she likes me or not but we always tex each other sometimes at work we just suddenly look at each others eyes and look away, at my bday party i invited her and she came with one of our co-worker i dropped her off at the bus station, and when she was saying bye i thought shes gonna give me a hug but she gave me a kiss insted!! does that means something too? i feel like she likes me, 2of my friends told me to tell her how i feel but im 2 scared to tell her and at the same time she might not like me the way i like her

about my girlfriend my girlfriend is actualy getting married yes i know its stupid i knew this before i go out with her. so i was thinking if shes getting married why cant i do other things?, but the other side of my heart i really love her or do i love her or im just scared to be alone if it dosnt work out with my friend

maybe 3 weeks back me and my friend (the girl i like) went to the mall and i dont know i think we where hitting it off she always punch me on the arms she tend to flirt but she dosnt want to show that she likes me too i just wana know if i have a chance with that girl what should i do about my girlfriend hopefully u open my mind about this! thanks!

confused man.

Dear Confused Man,
You’re not confused… you’re just a puppy that follows around listening to commands, doing as the women around you tell you what to do…

And yet, you still call yourself a man.

I think it’s time for a LIFE LESSON here:

Men don’t wait to be told what to do.

Men don’t mow the grass in someone else’s lawn.

Men can reveal themselves to be loving individuals given the chance, but first and foremost, they have to be MEN to decide their own fate.

YOU are leaving everything you do up to other people, this married girlfriend, this co-worker that has flirted more and more, practically throwing herself at you.

YOU are not capable of making any decisions that affect solely yourself.

YOU need a break from dating, for 6 months, maybe a year.

Get your head together… make the plan that will rule your life, some direction that you can take pride in.

Be a collared puppy no longer!

You asked for my advice, you got it.

I hope it isn’t wasted on you.
Best Wishes,

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