My Ex Is Still Nice To Me

Dear Rob,
I am in a complicated situation. I hope that you could help me find some sense.

I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years about 15 months ago. We kept in touch and we basically meet up at least once a month. I am the only ex he keeps in touch with. Probably because ours was the longest relationship he ever had.

I recently had an illness. He has used most of his income to pay for my medical bills, and anything at all that I needed. He says he cares for me as a good friend. He spends most of his time with me to take care of me and he wants to nurse me back to good health. He buy medications that could help me for me.

The thing is that he already has a girlfriend. He tells me that he doesn’t have any feelings for me but I feel otherwise. I am not sure whether I just being paranoid. Just that his actions says otherwise. In fact too much of his actions tells me he cares too much. He looks happy whenever he sees me and tries to make me happy. He makes sure I take my medications.

Please advise Rob. Thanks.

Hi Mary,
He cares for you but not enough to get into a relationship again. That’s why he’s seeing someone else. You give him happiness in a way that he doesn’t get in his new relationship, which just makes him a cheater in my books.

It’s time you ended your reliance on him and moved on with new people and activities. Don’t keep hoping he’ll be back, move on. Would you seriously want to date him again knowing that he might treat the current girlfriend how he treats you now? UGH.
He needs to level himself out and pick one girl, but not you. Don’t get dragged into this twisted ring of women he’s creating in his life.
No one deserves anything less than the full attention of someone they are in a serious relationship with. Ever.

Thank him for all he did and move on.
I wish you well,

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