New Year’s Eve Kiss Off

Dear Rob,
I read some of your work and enjoy your advice.

I’m in what I call complicated relationship which I thought could work out on my own, which is not working so I need your advice.

I met this girl just over four months ago and fell head over heels. I never let this happen to myself before, needless to say I was kind of enjoying the single life since my last relationship two years old.

The first couple months were great getting to know each other and talked very openly to how we felt for each other, it was going great. Then she got to a unsure place which again we talked about and sorted out, so I thought. She told me she was still very much interested just to take things a little slower. Her career means a lot along with spending time with her friends.

I realize this because she’s younger and I feel the same way for my own needs. There is a five year difference in age between us, myself being older which doesn’t bother either of us. I guess I’m to the point were I’m confused to how much I should chase her. A couple years ago I would of been gone knowing that it takes two and not wanting to waste each others time.

The problem now is I never dated a girl I liked this much before, never knew I could like a girl this much. Again from what she tells me she feels the same way.
We went out for New Year’s Eve a couple of days ago and she ignored me most of the night hanging out with her guy friends, which I’ve never met.

She didn’t give me a chance even to be around her, I spent the night with two of her friends while she danced and chatted it up. The night ended earlier for me with a kiss, hug and a drive safely home for we live an hour away from each other.
I haven’t spoken to her since. I could go on much longer but I hope this is enough for your judgment.

So their it is Rob what do you think. Thanks for your time of reading my problem.

That is one sad story.
You’ve offered her so much, and so she could be a good friend, she told you the same things.

But let me tell you, her interest in you is nowhere near what yours is in her.
By her ignoring you on New Year’s Eve, she was screaming loud and clear “Leave me alone!” you just couldn’t hear it because you’re so wrapped up in your own feelings about how she should feel for you.

That’s right, you like her and you think she likes you, more than is really happening.

I wouldn’t bother calling her again. She’ll just use you for another drive somewhere so she can meet up with the guy’s that really has her interest.
The hug and kiss on New Year’s Eve? That was the clincher. She’s done with you.
Best wishes,

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