Pickup Rules For Guys

Dear Rob,
I’ve read through your articles but I haven’t seen an answer for my question so here goes:
I haven’t been too lucky getting women to talk with me when I’ve gone out to meet women. I’m 22, some might say good looking but I’m not sure. My friends seem to make out OK, but not always. They offer advice but it just doesn’t seem to be me.

Any suggestions to set me on a successful path of meeting women and getting dates?

Hi Richard,
I can point you in all the right directions, certainly. I’ve read a lot about the subject of meeting women and being able to get their attention and interest. Even that all important first date!

But, you need to be sure you’ve got a passing grade when you’re in a first impression position.

Here are my rules for preparing yourself to meet women:
1. Dress appropriately for where you’ll be going, clean clothes, in style
2. Be freshly showered and/or shaved
3. Clean shoes are a must
4. Trim your fingernails
5. Breath strips or mints in your pocket, no gum, ever
6. Minimal amounts of alcohol, if you get drunk, keep to yourself and your friends, don’t bother the ladies
7. Use proper social skills, never any swearing, jargon or other words that may not be understood
8. If you are going out with a buddy or a group of guys, talk to the women on your own, leave the wingman behind
9. Keep away from pressure situations. Get her attention, add some conversation, get her interest and before you walk away get her number
10. Remember, this isn’t a contest to get the most phone numbers and emails. Enjoy the evening, get a couple numbers and go home. Plan for your follow-up calls and first coffee or fun dates with the ladies you’ve met

Most guys have a problem with their self-confidence. This is where knowing some basics comes in handy. Things to say, how to say them, having a personality not just being a horndog looking to score with the ladies.

Now, I’m not going to write a 4000 word answer here, so visit the advice section of www.alovelinksplus.com and start doing some reading.
Best wishes,

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