Relaxing On A Date

Hi Rob,
I had this date with one of my managers about 3 weeks ago and we haven’t been out since. We call each other and I know she likes me and vise/versa.

We finally have a date on Wednesday and I’m worried that with it being so long that there will be all this hype and that I may not be able to make it nice enough!

Plus it takes me a while to get comfortable around new people, the more I’m around them the better I feel and well, I haven’t hung out with her in a while. So any tips on relaxing and etc?
Thanks, E.

Hi E,
The best way to relax on a date is have the other person do all the talking. Prepare some questions to talk about, keep the topic on them (people love to talk about themselves), the things they do, their family, stuff like that.
Keep the date scheduled to end at a specific time, that’ll help you relax too.
Best wishes,

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