Too Young To Date

Hi Rob,
I’m in love with one of my best friends. Except she has a boyfriend… but the relationship is going nowhere.
She says it herself, but she doesn’t want to break his heart. How can I make her know I love her more than anyone ever will?
Please help me. She’s the one. and I can’t lose her.

Your email tells me that you’re young.
And inexperienced as far as dating goes.
I’d stop being such a love-sick puppy about this girl and wait to date when you’re more mature.

For instance, you say that “I can’t lose her”, yet, she’s not yours.
And if she doesn’t want to break up with this other guy, but listens to you moaning about how much you like her… UGH.
Do yourself a favor, stay single, wait for the real right girl to come along, in a couple of years time.
And the next time you have a relationship problem talk to your parents about it first.
Best wishes,

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