Will He Ask Me Out Properly?

Dear Rob,
A colleague of mine just slipped an invitation out for lunch in one of our normal work mail correspondence.

We are from different departments. He knew my name even before we first chatted. His invitation was casually worded… said that we should get down to having lunch one day.

I told him that that sounds great. It’s been a few days now and he has not asked me out. Do you think he will get down to asking me out? Or, shall I do something about it?

Hi Jenn,
Just tell him you don’t people at work and then see how he behaves. Tell him before he finally get’s the courage up to ask you out.

I think that he’s either a coward or just looking for someone to “chat up with” while he’s working. Goodness, what does this guy do after 5? Crawl into a hole at night?

You can always break your “no dating workmates” rule, but put it out there before anything else happens.

I have a feeling that deep down this guy is either a control freak and he just doesn’t yet have a grasp on you, or he’s a mama’s boy that you’ll end up forever fixing.

I hope I’m wrong, but play it safe, this is your life.

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