Writing A Teen’s First Love Letter

Dear Rob,
I know you don’t usually answer messages from teenagers, but I think this girl is the one.

I’ve been around this block before, but never felt the way I do. I love this girl. I wrote her a letter, but I’m not sure how to deliver it in a romantic way.

We go to different schools, but only live about 1/2 mile apart. I wish I could give it to her at school, but that just doesn’t work.

I have tried to catch her at her bus stop but I can time it right. Also, because we go to different schools I haven’t talked to her in a while, so it would feel really awkward to just ring her doorbell and give it to her.

So I just need help coming up with a romantic way to deliver my letter.

Hi R,
I am sure you’re filled of great intentions. I’m sure you’re more attracted to this girl than anyone you’ve ever met, heck, ever even seen before.

BUT, you know her name, where she lives and not much else about her. Maybe she’s dating someone else right now, eh?
What about that?
Maybe she doesn’t feel the same way about you? Maybe you’re about to flame yourself out by sending her a mushy, lovey-dovey letter that means absolutely nothing to her because she doesn’t even know you exist!

My advice is to take that letter, put it in a freezer bag and wrap it tight. Put that bag into another freezer bag and fill that bag with water and seal it tight. Then put the whole thing in the freezer, somewhere safe, under an old frozen steak or something.

Then write her a new letter. This one simply says:
This is “C”.
I haven’t seen you at the bus stop recently. I have been hoping to talk with you.
Do you like to go XXXX (bowling, eat at some place, hang at out some place), let’s go together at XXX(this time).
Call me at XXX-XXXX or email me at XXX@XXXX and let me know.
Your friend,

Do not send her the love letter. Don’t buy her gifts. Hang out with her first. Invite her out to somewhere, to do something, with you first.
Love letters and gifts come later.
Trust me.

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