Be The Master of Attraction
It's what you do, not always how you do it, that is remembered.

Being the “Master of Attraction” (or Mistress of Attraction”) is something that we all strive for, at one time or another.

Seeing for the first time that cute girl or hunky guy always brings our insecurities to the surface, what do we say, how to act, talk, stand, sit, etc.

When you believe that everything you do affects everything that happens to you, you are on the road to being a Master of Attraction.

Understanding that even the insignificant things you do can have a “butterfly effect” on others should help you to strive for pleasantness in all that you do But the doing is always up to you.

So take this thought with you: you are always being watched, being judged, but you will always be remembered for the things you do.