The Advice General’s Suggested Reading

I am an avid reader of psychology and relationship books. I know that my own explorations have helped me to deal with the drama and pain of my own life and my marriage and how I can either inspire or sadden those that are around me and people that interact with me.

I would hope that you are in a place not so full of hurt but more of finding your own boundaries, your own limitations and that you are seriously prepared to do what it takes to improve your life and those around you and push beyond these self-created boundaries and limitations.

It is only once we have decided that “I will not be controlled by these unfair boundaries that have been set in front of me” that we can see the limitations, discover that they are unfair, arbitrary, and really under our control to push them outwards.

As you grow in confidence so shall your problems diminish, your confidence rebound and the love you once had will be revealed to be still there, just a little dusty and in need of exercise.

Women: Have The Relationship You Want

Revealing how to make the man you love get closer to you and stay close to you forever. I really like this ebook, and have written a sort of review on one of my other sites here.

I find this book excellent fodder for the issues that intrude on our happiness and relationships. I’m sure you will too!