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Sometimes you have to know how to catch her!

Asking Out Advice

Hey Rob, I am 16, and I’m a junior in High School, and I met a girl a few months back that I really liked when I first saw her.

She is 14, and she is a freshman. I’ve always liked her, but I’ve never talked to her that much.

We are both in the band, which is how I met her, so we see each other around 12 hours a week between practice and football games and what not.

I’ve always tried to be nice to her, and help her with anything that see appeared to need help with. I’m very shy though… so I don’t talk with her much.

This Saturday is possibly the last football game (last thing this season) of the season, so if our team loses, I may never see her again. I probably won’t see her because freshman have a different school building than upper classman. (Go our team!) I wanted to ask her out a long time ago… and I keep telling myself that I will, but I always find some stupid reason not to.

I don’t really have high levels of self-esteem… though I can’t say that i’m ugly or fat, I just don’t have confidence when it comes to people… especially girls.

I’ve done some internet research on her… not that I want to be creepy… but I found out that she would most likely like movies. She also plays guitar, like me.

Anyways… everything i’ve read on the internet about asking girls out say you need to be friends with um, and I’m pretty sure she knows my name, and I know she sees me around a lot, but I never talk to her, and I’m pretty much out of time.

Oh and just to throw this up… so you kind of know what I know, she does hang out with a lot of girls, and i’m 95% sure she does not have a boyfriend because I never see her with guys.

So what should I do? I really like her a lot… and I want to go out with her, but I don’t know what I should do.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hey, it’s OK to admit that you’re having a hard time to get the steam up and ask a girl for a date.
Totally natural.

But you need an “opener” so you can go farther that the few words you’ve said to her.

Ask her to play guitar with you.
This is your way to asking her out.
Casual. And something you share.

And I’d bet that she’s just dying for you to take her to a movie, or to see something in your city. Together.

You’re not creepy, just unskilled… which is good.

Start by asking her for her email…. Instant messenger.

Easy peasy stuff.

Don’t be your own blocker, you CAN do this.

Shut down the scared little man inside you. Know that you are ultimately not controlled by fear… and that she desperately wants you to move forward.

Good luck!

A Man Has To Have A Plan

Hey Rob,

I am 17 years old and I met this girl about a month and a half ago.

We really hit it off because we have pretty much everything in common.

After a little while, we both got into whether we like each other.  It turned out that we both liked each other a lot and things were going great.  This girl means everything to me right now.  It’s a different feeling than with other girls.

I don’t want to get into sex or anything, I would rather just hold and kiss her.  Anyway, I eventually asked her out.  She was very excited but realized that she couldn’t “bring herself to date”.

What the heck does that mean?

She says that she needed some more time and has to straighten some stuff out.

Well, it has been a matter of weeks now and she still does not want to.

I am looking for a relationship in my life right now and do not know whether to wait for her or to try to move on.  Pleasseeeee help me with this!


This is a classic case of being too friendly with her and she feels that you’ll be smothering her if you’re around more.

Take a break from her… make her wait for you…
When she calls, emails, messages… ask her if you can call her back, IM her at a later time… and tell her a later time, be specific… you want her to be waiting for you.

I bet the two of you have done a lot of “hanging around” but you haven’t planned anything to specifically for the two of you to be together and do something.

A Man has to have a Plan.

Step being so available to her;
When you get together have a plan on what to do;
And talk to other girls.

One of the best way to increase the attraction of the one you want is by gaining the attraction of another and making her jealous.

Good luck!