Dealing With Your Inner Wussy
She told me she wanted to tell her exactly what I was feeling, even if it was calling her a shallow whore.

Dear Rob,
There’s a girl at work that I am kind of dating. We have been talking every night on the phone for about two months but have only gone out once because we are both very busy.

We are always talking about going out on another date. For a week we have been planning to hang out with each other today (Saturday), but last night I found out she was ditching me to hang out with her best friend. I was with her when I found out and she knew I was mad. Later that night we talked on the phone.

She told me she wanted to tell her exactly what I was feeling, even if it was calling her a shallow whore. I told her how I had been looking forward to hanging out with her all week, and now I have nothing to do and won’t be able to do anything with her for another two weeks.

She told me that she wasn’t a crazy psycho girl that needed a boy waiting on her hand and foot, completely missing my point that I wanted to hang out with her. I asked her if we could just forget about it and she said no because I was still mad. I told her it didn’t matter and she said “whatever. I’m going to sleep.”

After that I asked her if I could call her later, and tried to figure out when I should do so, and all of her answers were short and blunt. Then I told her I would talk to her later and goodnight, and I didn’t receive a response (we were texting). I leave to go out of town tomorrow morning and hate leaving with a fight. I want to see her in person to talk about it and make up, and can meet her at school today when her sport gets back from competition, but I don’t know if that would make me weak and I don’t know what I would say.

Can you please help me figure out how I can express my frustration of being ditched while settling this argument with her? Should I even go see her today? What should I say?
Thank you,

Hi Anonymous,
Don’t say anything to her. Stop everything you’re doing right now.

We have some things that need to be changed with your attitude towards her.

You’re a wussy that can’t seem to understand that you’re just not that important in her life right now.
Stop talking to her all the time on the phone and she’ll do one of three things:
1. Stop talking to you altogether
2. Start being the one to call you
3. Actually set up a time to “date” or hang out together because she misses you.

Don’t apologize, she stood you up.

But don’t be a wussy, at her beck and call. She doesn’t like it, she told you so and I’ll tell you the same. Stop being a wussy.

Let her contact you and if she asks you what’s going on just tell her “I shed my inner wussy” and walk away.
Let her feel rejection for a while and for goodness sakes, hang out with other people starting immediately.

Don’t call her. I’ll say it again:
Don’t call her anymore! Let her call/text you first.

Keep conversations short, don’t let her (or yourself) ramble on like a meowing cat with nothing to say other than “play with me!”.
Best wishes,