I Want To Date My Ex Again! Help!
He was one of the reasons why I decided to stay at home for the first year. I feel madly in love with him.

Dear Rob,
I could really use some advice on this one.

I dated my ex-boyfriend exclusively for a little over a year. Prior to our intimate relationship, we were friends ever since the eighth grade. I will be twenty in February. I was the one who broke it off during the summer of last year. I had plans for myself to go away to school and I wanted to know what it felt like without him at my side.

I am young and very independent!
He was one of the reasons why I decided to stay at home for the first year. I feel madly in love with him and then I broke his heart. We did not speak to each other very much throughout the 8 months that has passed but I never stopped thinking about him.

This New Years, I ran into him and his new girlfriend! I was so polite and sweet to the both of them but I was crying and jealous on the inside.
I still have feelings for him, I still love him and I know he does too. We talked and he said he will always be in love with me but he will not dump his new girl and run away with me.

That wasn’t the answer I wanted.
I even tried to kiss him and he wouldn’t kiss me back. It hurts. He was the first guy I ever loved. We knew each other so well that we would finish each others sentences. And how he made me laugh… I gave so much of me to him, why won’t he forgive me and give me another chance? What do you think?

Hi Lost,
For good or bad, you made your choice last year. Now you have to live with it. If he were to leave his current girlfriend just to be with you again because “you miss him” you’d be a home-breaker and he’d be an ass.

He’s living with your decision and moved on, so should you.
You said he was your first intimate partner. That’s why there are those jealous feelings involved. You made a mistake then being with him and are also living through that mistake now that you’re not together.

Again, he’s moved on, so should you.

There are plenty of guys out there, I honestly hope that you’ll find another with such high standards.
Best wishes,