My Exgirlfriend Won’t Let Go!
We talked and decide to be just friends again. We both agree on that and that was it.

Dear Rob,
I need your help on this one.
Well here is the situation:

I know this girl from high school, you know we when to high school together and even to the same college. But we were nothing more than friends through those years.

When I graduated in 2004 I hadn’t seen her since until now this past September in 07. We started dating.

Everything was great, I was really interested in her and she was felt the same way. The problem is that we both lost kind of interest on each other. This just happen three weeks ago.

We talked and decide to be just friends again. We both agree on that and that was it.

The next day she was texting me in the morning just to say good morning and later throughout the day she’d send other text messages just to find out how my day was going so far.

Well I have to admit that at first I did not want to reply back because we decide that we are just friends. I didn’t want to be rude so I did reply to some of her texts.

Anyway this continued for the rest of the week until I decided not to reply back but she still sends text messages every other day. Now I am at the point of whether or not to mention something to her in regards that I no longer want to talked to her or text message her.

So my question is Why is this girl keeps calling and texting after we broke up?
Please help on this one. I’m kind of confused.
Thank You,

Hi Mike,
I think it’s the fact that you were her only confidant while you were together. Now she doesn’t want to lose that security even if you’re not dating any more.

She just can’t let go but she doesn’t want to have what she wanted, you.

These are usually the types of girls that end up being abused by their boyfriends/husbands because they need so desperately to be loved that they’ll take any type of punishment as justified.
And don’t get me wrong, she is punishing herself by staying in contact with you.

Even if you don’t reply the answer to her texts and calls are in her head.
She keeps the story alive in her mind.

Just stay silent. She will find a guy to throw herself at and you’ll finally be out of the picture but my guess is that it’ll take about 6 weeks.
Email me then and let me know how things are going.
Best wishes,