She Told Me To Call Her, What Does That Mean?

Hey Rob,
I ran into an friend I had in math class with (at a community college), we talked and she was happy to see me. As I left I told her to call me sometime, but she replied with, you have my cell phone, remember?

Is this a good sign? Does she sound like she wants me to call her?

Hi Sidney,
Yes, it’s a good sign.
Call her tomorrow and make plans to ‘catch up more’ the next afternoon. A nice friendly place for a coffee or lunch, be sure to split the bill or go ‘dutch’. (When you sit down and get the menus just say “We’ll split the bill, OK?”)

Guys have to keep in mind that women want to be fought over. Leaving a call up to them is the same as saying to her “You’re interesting to me but unless you make all the moves nothing is going to happen”. And usually that is what happens… nothing. Because the guy just proved he’s a wuss.

Then the guy wonders why she doesn’t call…
“She seemed so interested when we talked that one time…
Blah blah blah.”

Guy’s may play games to try to spark her interest, but girls are much more forthcoming and honest, so that the guy has to make the moves, take the initiative and instinctively prove themselves to her that they are worthy of her.

This isn’t a guy’s wussy “I like you, I love you, I beg you to like me, to love me too” type situation. It’s taking the bull by the horns and making a commitment to the next stage of your emerging relationship.
Never let it pass when she says “You have my number, right?”.
Make a plan to call her and have a plan ready for when you get together, within a couple of days.

Never, ever, tell a girl that you’re interested in seeing more of to “Call me sometime”. It’s a deal breaker.
Best wishes,

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