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Relationship question?

Hi Rob,
I came across your website and I am searching for some answers in regards to my relationship with my fiance of almost 4 years.
It seems there has been quite a change in our relationship since last year… We haven’t had sex in almost 9 months now.. this has left me with an empty and unsatisfied life… he has been depressed due to finances but this truly bothers me.. when I got to try and touch him, he says “get off”… he also has been putting pillows under his legs and between us in bed.. which really bothers me… it is also hard enough for me to get a kiss good bye or just a nice hug from him… I have never ever been with a man who doesn’t want to hug, kiss or make love to me.. it is so hard for me to understand this problem.. when I ask him why he’s not interested in sex he says it’s not his priority…
I would truly appreciate your opinion.. I just want to be happy and have someone in my life who appreciates and loves me…
Sincerely, Paula

Hi Paula,
Let me start with life’s pressures affecting the way we interact with those closest to us. It’s easier to push people away than to share what’s bothering us.
Open and honest communication needs to be regained in your relationship and you need to find out how to approach the subject without starting an argument or seeming to place blame.
Financial pressures account for the greatest majority of relationship breakups.
Do you have any clues about changes to his (and your both) finances?
Visiting http://www.htryw.com can bring you some ideas on how to start a dialogue that will allow you insight and healing of your relationship.
Best wishes,