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Will FWB become her stalker?

Dear Rob,
So I met a guy in Las Vegas, again he is way older than me. We tried hanging out late in Vegas, yet the people I went with did not allow me too since I was too drunk. So basically I stood him up, I thought he was not going to talk to me, but he still did.

I found out we lived in the same state, so we hung out had a great night clubbing and a nice setion in his car, yet no kissing. Well not in my part but he was kissing me in my forehead and just staring at me. Then we decided that every Thursday would be our day. Since we are really busy people working and all, I let him know my life and my social life came first than him. He also, thought the same he has boys’ night out and all.

So every Thursday it’s a movie or just his house and it always leads to sex. But he always snuggles and hugs me and kisses me something I try not to do.

He also picks me up all the time and tries to spend as much time with me even though he has to work early in the morning the next day. Due to the fact that he is always kissing me and holding my hand he even likes to take pictures of me wit my clothe and says I look sexy.

I’m still trying to identify what I am to him or if he wants more.

Once again we talk about our daily lives work and family. We also, talk about our past yet I’m still insecure on what he wants because if he does not have any feelings towards me then why does he act like that.

Also, we only txt each other he called once that he knew I was going on a date and wanted to know what I would wear which I just ignored. So I’m not sure if he just sees me as a FWB because due to his actions I grabbed some feeling towards him. So please let me know thank you. What should I do?
Should I talk to him? Let him know how I feel?

Thank you for reading this.

Hi Suzie,
Yes, you are getting exactly what you want, sex.

Why all the bother with him when it’s obvious that you don’t care that much for him and even hate yourself a little bit to allow yourself to be used like this.

Stop the picture taking (clothes on or off!), stop everything.

He’ll become your very own stalker, mark my words.

Give yourself some space to decide what you really want in a guy. This one is not it.

Best wishes,