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Bible Study And Dating

Dear Rob,
I joined this bible study a couple of months ago, and I met this really fantastic girl, she is funny and witty and we are always teasing each other.

When we go out we normally separate from the other bible study members when walking and talk in general. I’ve been meaning to ask her out on a date rather than a group date but I fear rejection and loss of her friendship.

I asked her once, if her and her sister ever wanted to go to the movies with me and a friend who is also in the group that she should let me know as she has my number. She just laughed. That was 2 months ago and she hasn’t asked about my offer since.

We are always playing mind games and she always hits me when I tease her, and she is comfortable around me as she always stands close to me when were out. She is 23, I’m 25 but I get the feeling she has never been out with a guy before, but she’d be highly sought after. What should I do because I now I’ll stop coming to the bible study if she rejects me?

Hi Jimmy,
I think that she’s starting to feel comfortable around you, but play it safe. Do the group thing for a while longer.

One on one dating is something she may not be ready for and if you pressure her you’ll lose her for good. But why start with asking her for just a date, or even a double date?

Invite her for a coffee and dessert somewhere quiet after the next bible study class. Nothing fancy, nothing formal. Invite others too if it’ll make it easier for you.

Keep the pressure low and her interest high.

It’s always quite possible that you are just amusing enough to hold her attention during bible study but not any other time.

Does she have a phone number? Email?

For many shy women, starting the ‘get-to-know-you’ period of a relationship, which is the road you are on, is easier via phone calls and emails than face-to-face.

Do not fear her rejecting you. Rejection is your friend because if she does continue to say no, at least you’ll be available for other women, right?

As for ending your bible study if you get rejected by this girl. Think about it.

Is bible study just a way to score with the girls?

Your priorities may need to be checked.

Keep God in your life and trust Him.
Girls come and go, you’re old enough to understand that.
Best wishes,